Monday, October 20, 2008

A Week in My Life, Fall Edition, Day 3

Monday, October 20, 2008

Uuuuggggghhhhhh! I HATE MONDAYS!!! LOL It was nice and cold in the bedroom when the the alarm went off, and it was nice and warm under the covers with my Dobber! It was so hard to get up ... these are the days that I wish we were independently wealthy and I could sleep in!!! I did manage to roll out from under the comforter and drag my butt into the shower. I've got to call the doctors this morning; the cyst that I had rupture a few weeks ago opened itself up again last night and I'm so much pain I can barely stand it. I guess I'm due for another round of antibiotics. The kids were fairly well behaved this morning, which was a complete shock! I guess they got plenty of downtime and rest on our lazy day yesterday!

Bubba was not happy when I woke him up 15 minutes early so he could go search for the dog's collar and leash, but oh well! I don't think he'll be pulling that stunt again!

Work was blah! I really hope things start picking up a bit in the office. Thank God this week I have very little homework, just a midterm exam in accounting and an essay in my English class. I *should* be able to get all caught up. I was able to do a little bit of research for my essay, and hopefully will be able to get that done at football tonight.

Rushed home from work at 4 to get Bubba ready for football practice. There's some good, quality family fun for you! I don't understand what in the world possesses my child to think that when its as cold as it is outside, he doesn't need to wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket when he goes out. We have a rule at home ... if Mama is wearing shoes, you need to be bundled up to go out! Period! No exceptions! I hate wearing shoes, but I also hate for my feet to get cold; I've been wearing shoes instead of flipflops since Saturday. After telling my dear son I know at least 15 times, he finally broke down and found himself a hoodie.

All four of us loaded up in the truck and went to the in-law's new house before practice to see the work done on their hardwood floors. Such a mess, and oh, the smell! Nothing like fresh varnish that has been closed up in a house all day!!!!! I don't know what they're going to do about the flooring situation, and I don't know that there is even a reasonable solution to the problem. I'm having a hard time mentally reminding myself that it isn't my problem, that I gave my thoughts and advice and now I just need to let it go. But I won't ... its been bothering me all morning!

I left Dobber and Noodle there and Bubba and I made our way to Q-town for practice. I took all of my text books, laptop and notes with me with the hopes of having a productive night. Yeah, that didn't happen! I played Solitaire and Maijong (sp?) on the laptop for the first hour, and then found my friends that don't hate me and gossipped for the second hour! We had some very interesting conversation about prison. Wow! LOL K and G are hilarious and G's husband B, well I'm pretty sure he's completely lost it!!!

I made it back to Bubba's practice field with about 15 minutes to spare, I was completely frozen, and one of the mean moms decided to speak to me! At first I was a little excited about this breakthrough, but my excitement was soon diminished when I realized that I'm pretty sure she was criticizing my parenting. I'm sorry that I don't feel the need to be stuck up my son's ass for the 2+ hours of practice every night. I'm sorry that I trust my son and want to give him some freedom and independence. I'm sorry that I don't have the time or the energy to sit with you mean moms and pretend it doesn't bother me when you completely snub me. I'm sorry your life is that dull and that you are so insecure with your own marriage and parenting skills that you feel the need to criticize me and mine. I hope you have enough money for all the therapy your kids are gonna need!

After leaving the mean moms, we made our way out. I winked at one particular husband on my way out, you know, just to piss his wife off! LOL I'm so bad!!!!! Bubba and I had a nice conversation on the way home. Got home, heated up leftovers for supper, baths and bed.

Oh, and I finished the novel!!! M ... I'll PM you the name and everything when I get home tonight!!!

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Melanie said...

Mean moms SUCK! Been there done that! Especially at his age you don't need to be stuck up his behind during all of practice! If you trust him enough then thats all that matters! Screw them!
Oh and you are oh soooo bad, winking!! LOL