Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Week in My Life, Fall Edition, Day 5

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm really enjoying this blog thingy! Just a random thought! LOL

Got up this morning, showered and dressed as usual. Bubba scared the crap out of me, which is always interesting first thing in the morning! Noodle was fairly well behaved while I was getting her dressed. We've come to an understanding, Noodle and I. The other day when I was getting her dressed, Monday maybe?, she told me she doesn't like me when I holler at her. And, I told her I only holler at her when she doesn't listen, and I don't like her very much when she's like that. Our mornings have been increasingly better since this conversation took place; now, when she's not listening to me, all I have to say is "do you want me to holler at you?" and she straightens her pretty little butt right up!

Work was soooooo boring. It just dragged on and on and on and on today for some reason. I went to MV's granddad's viewing for a little bit, but those things are never fun. On the way there, I ran into T and N and N promised me a green hoodie!!! On the way back, I was being tailgated by D in his dump truck, who then proceeded to call me and tease me about skipping out on work! I so love my friends!!! Dobber was in a meeting all morning ... maybe that's why I was so bored ... no-one to text with?

After work, I went to M and T's house to to check on M. He's been worrying me. A lot. I hope I'm being a good friend. He's always telling me how much he appreciates what I do for him, and that I'm the only one who listens to him without yelling back. I wish there was something more I could do.

Tonight was the chicken barbecue dinner at the Methodist Church here in town. I had bought tickets last week, and I'm so glad I remembered to pick the dinners up! The chicken was awesome ... I love chicken barbecues! It came with salad, applesauce and a roll, and everything was really good, but I was secretly wishing for green beans!

During dinner, we watched What Happens in Vegas again ... hilarious! And then, it was 2 episodes of Ghost Hunters before I passed out. Dobber says I was asleep at 8, but I think it was more like 9. I was so exhausted all day yesterday, so I needed a good nights sleep. Noodle is in love with Grant from Ghost Hunters and she actually sits still and is quiet while the show is on! Dobber wants to take her to Millington with us on Friday, but I'm not sure she's ready for all that!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Week in My Life, Fall Edition, Day 4

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today was more of the same ... the weekdays typically are. Got up, showered and ... get this!!! ... even had time to straighten my hair!!! Got the kids up and out the door and off to work I went. I still trying to figure out why my mother-in-law tries to have an engaging conversation with me at 7AM ... she knows I'm not going to be nice that early in the morning! LOL

Work was ... well, it was work. I was able to get November's schedule pretty well wrapped up, which is amazing ... it only took me 2 days this month! Nothing out of the ordinary really happened, mostly chatted with J and C throughout the day. I brought in some leftover jambalaya for lunch and everyone loved it! Maybe I should consider culinary school next. Nah ... then I'd have to cut the heads off of fish! LOL

Tuesday nights are devoted to Noodle and gymnastics. I come home from work, fully prepared to have to argue with her to get dressed and ready, all the while having to argue with Bubba to do his homework, and what does my daughter demand? Cookies. Yup, cookies. And not those silly cookies you buy in a bag at the grocery store. Not the box of decorated Halloween cookies sitting on the counter that she conned her father into purchasing last week. Oh no, we had to make ... and get this ... homemade cookies. Now. Before gymnastics. So, being the wonderfully devoted mother and domestic diva that I am (read: not wanting to have to fight with my 4 year old) I whipped up a quick batch of cream cheese cookies and everyone was happy.

While our cookies were baking, I was able to get Noodle dressed for the gym, with a little help from Dobber, and then started preparing dinner so I could cook as soon as I got back home. Dobber doesn't cook. Period. The children, the fire department and I all prefer that he doesn't! Stoves are expensive! I asked him to peel potatoes for the hash browns. OH ... MY ... GOD!!!!! You would have thought I'd asked him to split an atom. He says, "You know, I'm doing a lot more than normal around here." Excuse me? Say what? Yes dear, I asked you to peel me 6 potatoes for dinner (I peeled half of them myself). I know, I shouldn't burden you with unnecessary chores like, oh, I don't know, feeding your children.

So, being the rational person that I am, I started crying and told him fine, don't touch another freaking potato, get out of my kitchen and take Noodle to the gym. his response, "Can't. I'm covered in hydraulic oil." Aaaahhhhhhhh ... I really do love him and he is really good for us, but I swear!!!

After the gym, and 8 chapters in my new novel, I came home and fixed dinner. Originally, dinner was going to be sausage, hash browns and scrambled eggs. (I was in a breakfast food mood!!!) But, by the time I got around to cooking, it turned into hash browns, sausage and sausage gravy. Noodle had a hotdog and ice cream (yeah, I really need to get back to healthy cooking, I know!) and soon after passed out with her gym clothes on. We let her sleep ... it was nice and quiet! About 9ish, I went to bed and had settled in nicely with my book. It was then that Dobber came in and asked where the eggs where? I told him the refrigerator and rolled over! LOL

Monday, October 20, 2008

Every Woman Should Have...

A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra

Aside from the bra, and it isn't lace, just black, I don't have these items. Dobber has a rather large tooldbox in the garage that contains, among hundreds of other things, the screwdrivers and I'm pretty sure the cordless drive is over in the sky basement. I do however have a very bright Home Depot credit card, so, in theory, I could purchase these items if I should ever need them. Does that count?

Oh, and I have a multi-tool in the center console of my truck! I use it mostly to take the antenna off at the car wash! LOL

A Week in My Life, Fall Edition, Day 3

Monday, October 20, 2008

Uuuuggggghhhhhh! I HATE MONDAYS!!! LOL It was nice and cold in the bedroom when the the alarm went off, and it was nice and warm under the covers with my Dobber! It was so hard to get up ... these are the days that I wish we were independently wealthy and I could sleep in!!! I did manage to roll out from under the comforter and drag my butt into the shower. I've got to call the doctors this morning; the cyst that I had rupture a few weeks ago opened itself up again last night and I'm so much pain I can barely stand it. I guess I'm due for another round of antibiotics. The kids were fairly well behaved this morning, which was a complete shock! I guess they got plenty of downtime and rest on our lazy day yesterday!

Bubba was not happy when I woke him up 15 minutes early so he could go search for the dog's collar and leash, but oh well! I don't think he'll be pulling that stunt again!

Work was blah! I really hope things start picking up a bit in the office. Thank God this week I have very little homework, just a midterm exam in accounting and an essay in my English class. I *should* be able to get all caught up. I was able to do a little bit of research for my essay, and hopefully will be able to get that done at football tonight.

Rushed home from work at 4 to get Bubba ready for football practice. There's some good, quality family fun for you! I don't understand what in the world possesses my child to think that when its as cold as it is outside, he doesn't need to wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket when he goes out. We have a rule at home ... if Mama is wearing shoes, you need to be bundled up to go out! Period! No exceptions! I hate wearing shoes, but I also hate for my feet to get cold; I've been wearing shoes instead of flipflops since Saturday. After telling my dear son I know at least 15 times, he finally broke down and found himself a hoodie.

All four of us loaded up in the truck and went to the in-law's new house before practice to see the work done on their hardwood floors. Such a mess, and oh, the smell! Nothing like fresh varnish that has been closed up in a house all day!!!!! I don't know what they're going to do about the flooring situation, and I don't know that there is even a reasonable solution to the problem. I'm having a hard time mentally reminding myself that it isn't my problem, that I gave my thoughts and advice and now I just need to let it go. But I won't ... its been bothering me all morning!

I left Dobber and Noodle there and Bubba and I made our way to Q-town for practice. I took all of my text books, laptop and notes with me with the hopes of having a productive night. Yeah, that didn't happen! I played Solitaire and Maijong (sp?) on the laptop for the first hour, and then found my friends that don't hate me and gossipped for the second hour! We had some very interesting conversation about prison. Wow! LOL K and G are hilarious and G's husband B, well I'm pretty sure he's completely lost it!!!

I made it back to Bubba's practice field with about 15 minutes to spare, I was completely frozen, and one of the mean moms decided to speak to me! At first I was a little excited about this breakthrough, but my excitement was soon diminished when I realized that I'm pretty sure she was criticizing my parenting. I'm sorry that I don't feel the need to be stuck up my son's ass for the 2+ hours of practice every night. I'm sorry that I trust my son and want to give him some freedom and independence. I'm sorry that I don't have the time or the energy to sit with you mean moms and pretend it doesn't bother me when you completely snub me. I'm sorry your life is that dull and that you are so insecure with your own marriage and parenting skills that you feel the need to criticize me and mine. I hope you have enough money for all the therapy your kids are gonna need!

After leaving the mean moms, we made our way out. I winked at one particular husband on my way out, you know, just to piss his wife off! LOL I'm so bad!!!!! Bubba and I had a nice conversation on the way home. Got home, heated up leftovers for supper, baths and bed.

Oh, and I finished the novel!!! M ... I'll PM you the name and everything when I get home tonight!!!

A Week in My Life, Fall Edition, Day 2

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thankfully, today was a lot less eventful than yesterday, but then again, Sundays typically are. It was cold, and I was still slightly frozen from last night's football game, so I decided to stay in. Both kidlets were surprisingly well behaved, I think they were pretty well worn out from the week.

Dobber and I got to sleep in and have some nice cuddle time this morning! Noodle woke us up about 8 because Willow was in her room (oh, the horror!), so I sent her in to wake Bubba up! Let's just say he was less than thrilled! LOL He put the doggies out in the pen, and we closed our bedroom door and told them both we weren't to be bothered until at least 9:30. We really needed this time together ... just the 2 of us ... no Bubba ... no Noodle ... no Willow ... no Buffy ... just KD and Dobber!

Once we were up and moving, Dobber balanced the checkbook and started some laundry. Contrary to popular belief (my post from yesterday didn't go over very well with him!!!! LOL) he does do quite a bit around the house. That was the deal we made when I re-entered the workforce 3 years ago ... he would have to pick up some slack around here because I wasn't going to do it all ... and he's done rather nicely. We have a good balance, and for the most part, it works well for us. Then, I sent him to Safeway with the list that I made yesterday but was never able to get around to.

I settled in for my lazy day in bed with plenty of homework to keep me company. Two accounting and two English assignments ... I really need to devote more time to my studies during the week. I read the first chapter of my accounting text and got most of the first assignment done when I was interrupted by the phone. It was H and we were having a really nice conversation, so while on the phone, I multi-tasked by browning the sausage, ham and chicken for the jambalaya. By the time I was done with the call, Dobber was home from the store and the meat was almost finished. I cut up my peppers and onions, got everything going in the pot, and left it to simmer on the stove. Dobber had gone to his mom's new house to help move some furniture, the kidlets were coexisting nicely (I'm pretty sure dad threatened them before he left!) in the living room, and I once again retreated to my dorm room!

Somehow, I managed to get everything schoolwork-wise accomplished and even managed to squeak out an A on my accounting exam! I'm so anal when it comes to my grades and I'm hoping ... praying, actually ... that I will be able to maintain my 4.0 this semester. For the first time since I started back (I'm about 3 weeks into my third semester) I've gotten behind, but I think that I'm crawling out. I am really trying ... must be better than SJ ... must do better than SJ ... must have a better GPA than SJ ... nothing like a little sibling rivalry to motivate me!

Dinner was de-lish! Even Bubba loved it! Noodle had chicken nuggets, because, well, it was either that or hotdogs again. I really wish that she would develop a more diversified diet. I'm slowly going broke paying her to try new things, $1 at a time! Another reason why I will be glad football is over ... my passion for cooking is put on the back burner (sorry for the pun!!! LOL) during these busy months! We really do eat really healthy the other eight months every year ... honest! Seriously, don't believe the trash man when he tells you about the three lawn and leaf bags full of fast food wrappers he picks up every week!

I was enjoying some TV time to myself this evening when I heard Dobber open Bubba's bedroom door, close it, and mutter something under his breathe. Apparently, when the boy put Willow out this morning, he put her in the pen, but never bothered to take the leash off of her. So, when Dobber went out in the dark to bring them in, he went to grab for her collar, it wasn't there and she ran off. Guess Bubba will be searching for that first thing in the morning! And thank God that both Buffy and Willow always come back to the front porch after they brief tastes of freedom!

I went to bed once again happy that I was able to put away another chapter in my novel. It's been such a long time since I've read anything non-school or Dr. Seuss related that I'd forgotten how therapeutic that time can be! I'm really enjoying this book, its one that Nana gave me when we were up to visit last week, and I'm looking forward to starting another!