Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Week in My Life, Fall Edition, Day 5

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm really enjoying this blog thingy! Just a random thought! LOL

Got up this morning, showered and dressed as usual. Bubba scared the crap out of me, which is always interesting first thing in the morning! Noodle was fairly well behaved while I was getting her dressed. We've come to an understanding, Noodle and I. The other day when I was getting her dressed, Monday maybe?, she told me she doesn't like me when I holler at her. And, I told her I only holler at her when she doesn't listen, and I don't like her very much when she's like that. Our mornings have been increasingly better since this conversation took place; now, when she's not listening to me, all I have to say is "do you want me to holler at you?" and she straightens her pretty little butt right up!

Work was soooooo boring. It just dragged on and on and on and on today for some reason. I went to MV's granddad's viewing for a little bit, but those things are never fun. On the way there, I ran into T and N and N promised me a green hoodie!!! On the way back, I was being tailgated by D in his dump truck, who then proceeded to call me and tease me about skipping out on work! I so love my friends!!! Dobber was in a meeting all morning ... maybe that's why I was so bored ... no-one to text with?

After work, I went to M and T's house to to check on M. He's been worrying me. A lot. I hope I'm being a good friend. He's always telling me how much he appreciates what I do for him, and that I'm the only one who listens to him without yelling back. I wish there was something more I could do.

Tonight was the chicken barbecue dinner at the Methodist Church here in town. I had bought tickets last week, and I'm so glad I remembered to pick the dinners up! The chicken was awesome ... I love chicken barbecues! It came with salad, applesauce and a roll, and everything was really good, but I was secretly wishing for green beans!

During dinner, we watched What Happens in Vegas again ... hilarious! And then, it was 2 episodes of Ghost Hunters before I passed out. Dobber says I was asleep at 8, but I think it was more like 9. I was so exhausted all day yesterday, so I needed a good nights sleep. Noodle is in love with Grant from Ghost Hunters and she actually sits still and is quiet while the show is on! Dobber wants to take her to Millington with us on Friday, but I'm not sure she's ready for all that!

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