Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today was the day! I officially started this whole healthier me thing!!! I found a great website: www.myfitnesspal.com and it allows me to track all of my food and water intake and exercise. When I first joined, based on the amount of weight that I wish to lose, it put me on a 1,200 calorie a day limit. WOW! That seems restrictive, but with a little planning I don't think it will be difficult to achieve. Particularly being that I just found out that when you add your exercise for the day, it gives you a calorie allowance, so in my final numbers for the day, I'm actually under what it says I should have! (I told Dobber I had to do a little extra to work off that pizza!!! LOL)

All in all, yesterday wasn't bad at all. I am disappointed in my eating; C here at work ordered a pizza from Dominos and "no thanks" turned into "oh, one slice won't kill me" which turned into "you don't mind if I have another, right?" Two slices of ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, tomato and mushroom pizza with extra sauce and I felt horrible ... not just because I blew this diet, but physically I just felt ... blah!

I'm also not happy with my water intake, but I'll try again today to make that better. Bottom line, I hate water! I just really, really, really don't like it. Period. On a normal day, I drink 0 ounces. Yesterday, I drank 24 ounces. I think that's an improvement! One of the girls on my mommies group posted that she's shooting for 80 ounces of water per day this week. Seriously, I'm pretty sure that much would kill me! LOL I think one of my biggest obstacles with drinking water is that I just love my Turkey Hill iced tea, which is absolutely loaded with calories, sugar and carbs. Last night, I had 2 glasses, one with dinner and one after. I don't want to cut it out completely, but I would like to get it down to one cup of iced tea a day and replace the other with water. I need to get some fruit next time I go to the grocery store so I can cut that up and put it in my water ... maybe that would help?

As far as my exercise goes, I'm pretty proud of myself! I did over an hour on the Wii Fit, starting with yoga, about 35 minutes of aerobics and then 15 to 20 minutes of balance stuff. I haven't started the strength training yet, mostly because the pictures scared me a little, but after seeing Dobber do some of them last night, they're not quite as daunting. I even ran a mini-race with Dobber for 3 minutes. I seriously don't think I've ran for 3 minutes since they forced me to in high school!

Speaking of Dobber, I've always said that I'm lucky to have him, even when he's being a massive pain in the ass, but last night was further confirmation. Instead of sitting on the couch watching me sweat, he got up and joined me! He's being so supportive and challenging ... challenging because he knows that's what gets me going. Nothing like a little competition to make me work! LOL I do have to admit that I probably giggled a little more than I should have when I was watching him do yoga, but it's just so damn funny!!! He's actually got me excited to do it all again tonight!

Food Diary:
24 ounces of Water
24 ounces of Coffee - 7 calories, 0 carbs
5 Tablespoons of French Vanilla creamer - 225 calories, 35 carbs
3 Strawberry Twizzlers - 113 calories, 26 carbs
2 slices Dominos pizza - 608 calories, 70 carbs
1 cup of chili - 260 calories, 24 carbs
2 cups of Turkey Hill Ice Tea - 180 calories, 44 carbs
1 piece of Icebreakers gum - 5 calories, 2 carbs

Total Calories: 1,398 (1,200 goal) - difference: +198
Total Carbs: 201 (165 goal) - difference: +36
Exercise: 63 minutes (30 goal) - difference: +33
Calories Burned: 559 (238 goal) - difference: +321
(Over in calories and carbs = bad, but over in exercise and calories burned = good!!!)

With the calorie allowance for the exercise, the numbers look like this:
Total Calories: 1,398 (1,759 goal) - difference: -361
Total Carbs: 201 (241 goal) - difference: -40
Exercise: 63 minutes (30 goal) - difference: +33
Calories Burned: 559 (238 goal) - difference: +321

So with the added calories and carbs from the exercise, it doesn't really look like I did too badly being that I'm actually under my goal calories and carbs (GOOD!!!) and still over on my exercise and calories burned!!! I don't know that I necessarily agree that adding the total number of calories burned to my target calorie intake is the way to go, but even if you just add the calories burned in excess of the daily goal, I'm still under on my total calories!

Oh, and another YAY! for me: when I started the ticker, I used the weight that I was when I first used the Wii Fit program on December 27, which was the same as when I was at the doctors the day before. When I started yesterday, I was down 4 pounds!!! Go me!!!

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