Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today was horrible! Poor will power was bombarded by an overload of stress at work and I am ashamed of how extremely bad I did with my eating! It was so bad in fact that I gave up even tracking calories and carbs on what I ate! I didn't even try to drink water it was so horrible!

On a good note, I did exercise last night, not as much as I would have liked, but real life got in the way of that. I did about 30 minutes of aerobics and 10 minutes of balance exercises, but no running, strength training or yoga. Part of life that got in the way last night was the unplanned trip to K-Mart. We had a small crisis: Noodle was out of fruit snacks! LOL I did use this to my advantage though, and purchased a really nice Rubbermaid water bottle and some "healthy" snacks to try to help me through the day.

Part of my problem with my eating habits is trying to replace a huge meal with just a "snack". Pre-diet, I would eat a piece of cheese (gotta get that Calcium somewhere! LOL) with my coffee in the morning and that would hold me over until lunchtime, and lunch was always my biggest meal of the day. The past two days, I've been eating something light in the morning and then again at lunch time, but by 2:00 PM or so in the afternoon, I'm starving and I lose what little willpower I actually have. In an effort to tame this, I purchased two flavors of the Kellogg's breakfast bars that are only 90 calories and have 16-18 grams of carbs in them and 100 calorie packs of multi-grain Wheat Thins (16 grams of carbs). I also got some Special K Protein Water Mix. This stuff is low calorie, low carb and has lots of protein to curb hunger. It just mixes with water (HUGE plus for me ... I'd rather drink pink lemonade over water any day!) and it really does work for me. (I tried it after dinner last night and I didn't have the urge for my late night snack, so it must be working, right? LOL)

I don't know the actual counts, since I gave up, but here's the list of what I ate yesterday:

16 ounces water
24 ounces coffee
3 Tablespoons of French Vanilla creamer
Special K Strawberry breakfast bar
3 Twizzlers
Special K Strawberry breakfast bar
4 Duplex cookies
2 Halls vitamin C citrus drops
1 cup of chili
1 grilled cheese sandwhich
2 mini Fruit Rollups
1 Special K Protein water mix

So yeah, you could say I fell off the wagon and rolled down a hill! LOL

I did keep my pedometer on yesterday and I walked a total of 3,963 steps, or a total of 1.31 miles, burning 142 extra calories!!!

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